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Rolfing 10-Series body reset for good posture


© Magdalena Takacova

The Rolfing® 10-series can be seen as a basic recipe that Rolfers® follow to address the whole body and help it balance in gravity.Each session has a general goal in mind and each Rolfer® will approach it taking into account not only the general goal, but the individual need of the client. 

Rolfing® 10-Series in a nutshell


Called the "sleeve” sessions, sessions 1-3 strive to loosen and balance surface layers of connective tissue.

SESSION 1 - Freeing the Breath

The aim of the first session is to evoke more balanced and efficient breathing patterns by freeing fascial restrictions around the ribcage, shoulders, neck and head. The Rolfer® also begins the process of mobilising the pelvis by working around the hips, upper legs and hamstrings. 

In this first session of the series, you might find that the approach is educational. Clients gain awareness of their breathing patterns and of the benefits of a mobile body. This educational component will continue throughout the series. Afterall, an enhanced awareness of what is going on in your body will give you the power to change habits.

SESSION 2 - Finding Support, Balancing Walking

The Rolfer® works on providing the body a stable foundation by balancing the feet, lower legs and knees. This establishes a more secure and adaptive base of support for the spine and upper body. An improved awareness of our connection with the earth will also help to establish a firm sense of ‘place’, a sense of belonging without which it may be difficult to move on mentally and emotionally.  

SESSION 3 - Creating Space and Finding your place

Front/back stability, balance and volume is invited through work on the side of the body in the third session. 

The Rolfer® helps you become aware of how the head, shoulder girdle, and hips are related to one another when we move into standing, and sitting, under the influence of gravity. A sense of flow while walking is also initiated. This session also continues to free the breath in a more detailed way. 


Sessions 4-7 are referred to as “core” sessions. They involve the deep support within the body to relate to gravity.  

SESSION 4 - Finding your core, from the feet to the head

The focus relies on evoking adaptability in the pelvic floor as a support for the upper body. The Rolfer® works on the inner structures of the legs, from the feet up to the pelvic core space, so that you get a sense the force travelling from the floor up in walking.

Length and ease to the spinal curves is given, continuing to evoke a sense of energy flow up through the core up to the head. 

SESSION 5 - Activating the core

The theme of session five is to organise and differentiate the visceral part of the central body from the back to allow ease in walking. Rolfers seek spaciousness and dynamics in the abdominal area. 

SESSION 6 - Freeing the spine

The work started in sessions four and five is continued by working with restrictions in the back of the body. We enhance somatic awareness of the subtle movement of the spine. By working on providing a sense of continuity of fascia from heels to occiput, we aim to evoke a strong, resilient, supple and organised back.

SESSION 7 - Putting the head on

A balanced relationship between cranium, mandible and spine is the goal of session 7, where the head is fully supported from below and oriented in space. This is achieved by continuing to ease restrictions in the upper back, shoulders and neck along with work on the facial fascia. Balancing the head on the shoulders is an important piece of the jigsaw in bringing a body into line with gravity.


“Integration” is emphasized throughout the remaining three sessions, as sessions 8-10 provide an opportunity to combine the work of the previous seven sessions into the body in a way that encourages smooth movement and natural coordination. The protocol is unique for each individual, depending on what was achieved in the previous seven sessions and the characteristics of each client.  

SESSION 8 - Returning back to unity

This is the last session within the series to work on any specific structural imbalances. The Rolfer® continues bringing stability and flexibility into the body, by means of balancing the shoulder and pelvic gridle. The aim is for movement to be a whole event that travels from the legs, through the pelvis and spine, to the arms and hands.

SESSION 9 - integration

At this stage the client has received a vast amount of new information in terms of changed structural relationships and new movement possibilities throughout the Rolfing® process. While integration has been built into each of the sessions, this session aims to make sure that all of this new information is integrated in the most optimal way by the client and that the client has a clear idea of what might be usefully explored further.

SESSION 10 - Closure

The Rolfer® works all planes of the body, enhancing the effectiveness of breathing as well as bridging between old and new patterns. The aim is to inspire a sense of order and balance, bringing the whole being to its highest possible level of integration. This is also a time to reflect on what has been gained from the process and what has been accomplished.

A full 10-Series can bring lasting effects, such as:

  • Improved posture, balance and ease of movement

  • More overall energy, so you would feel more active

  • Capacity to identify and release tension and restrictive movements in the body

  • Increased body awareness and a different perception of how you are in the world

  • Relief of aches and pains related to unnecessary holding and poor postural patterns

  • A more positive self image

  • A feeling of more lubricated joints

  • Improvement in sports performance

  • Helping the body be more prepared for, and recover faster from, future potential injury

After 10-Series

We suggest clients wait several months after completing the 10-Series before taking more Rolfing® sessions. During that time, the body and mind continues integrating the changes that occurred during the Series.

Nevertheless, if you feel like you need a few more sessions to complete the process, you can discuss it with your Rolfer®.

Some Rolfers® offer a mini-series follow up post the 10-Series. Some Rolfers® / clients feel it better to schedule Rolf Movement™ sessions to gain more consciousness about their daily habitual movements and how they can be changed. Perhaps you schedule a one off Rolfing® session when you feel the need. Each individual client will have their own particular needs.

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